Toasted Sesame Seeds

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The sesame or sesame originated in India and Africa, where he arrived in America carried by slaves who used their seeds to thicken and flavor to many dishes. In the southern states of U.S. and the Caribbean, where the sesame was introduced by African slaves, is known mostly by name in language Mandé: benne. Have a high protein content as well as being rich in methionine, an essential amino acid. Containing fats are unsaturated, ie 'good', which, together with its content of lecithin and phytosterols makes them a food that helps reduce blood cholesterol. Equally notable are its very high calcium levels (involved in the formation of bones and teeth), iron (which plays many important functions in the body) and zinc (mineral involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates carbon, fats and proteins, and even prevents male impotence). Approximately 100 grams of raw sesame seeds, contain and provide:

598 calories (kcal)
16.7 mg protein
58 g of unsaturated fat
Calcium 670mg
10 mg of iron
5 mg of zinc
In addition to vitamins of the B group and E.2 3

They also contain lignans, including sesamin, a phytoestrogen with antioxidant and anti-cancer. Among the six species of edible oils, sesame oil has the highest antioxidant content.

To absorb the nutrients of sesame seeds is essential toast and mash (with a Suribachi or coffee grinder), but without completely grind (mashed sesame does not have many properties and is indigestible). Otherwise it is expelled from the body undigested.

Sesame seeds also have good amounts of fiber, so that their consumption is beneficial to the regulation of intestinal function.

Women of ancient Babylon eat halva, a mixture of honey and sesame seeds to prolong youth and beauty; Rome and the soldiers did the same to increase their strength and energy.

The sesame or sesame can be consumed in performing any form and in any dish.


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Toasted Sesame Seeds

Toasted Sesame Seeds

Pack 1/2 Kg 

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