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Cranberry has been part of the diet of Arctic peoples for millennia, and remains a very popular fruit in Scandinavia and Russia. In Scotland, the berries were harvested in wild shrubs, but the loss of suitable habitat has made so few plants not already. In eastern North America, Native Americans used the fruits of Vaccinium macrocarpon as food is one of the main ingredients of survival food called pemmican. It is known that they are taught the starving English settlers in Massachusetts about 1620, so that cranberry was incorporated into the traditional celebration of Thanksgiving Day.

It is also typical of the Frisian island of Terschelling, where he arrived in the nineteenth century culture: one barrel (remaining a shipwreck) laden with fruit reached the coast where, as I have, was opened by the inhabitants of the island. These, finding nothing of value in the barrel, the fruits yielded by land. But cranberry found suitable habitat and now abounds on the island, where liqueurs, jams and many other products made with it.

Cranberries are great to combat urinary tract infections because unlike antibiotics, the American cranberry is free from side effects and can be considered for long periods, for both prevention and treatment, in the latter case even combination with antibiotics, in addition, they are also a powerful antioxidant. 


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Pack 1/2 Kg 

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