How to pay in Cocimania?

To make things easier for our customers we have tried several different forms of payment:

- With card, Once you've chosen layer card as payment, will open payment platform (virtual TPV) of Paypal (below of this paragraph have the keys to identify whether the connection is secure).

master cardamerican expressvisa

- With bank transfer or deposit, we provide the account numbers of two different banks (ING Direct and Sabadell).

- With paypal, in this case you must have an account in paypal, if you would open a new must know that will take a couple of days, as paypal has a system of identity verification through the entry of a small amount in your bank account.


Easy and safe shopping


To buy online, just a bit of information and take some precautions: 


Secure page to check that sending information over the Internet using a secure connection must look if the "http://" top box where you type the address changes to "https://" ( with S after p, and usually occurs when we connect with pages of banks), you can also watch a closed padlock appears in the bottom right of the browser or in the upper address bar.

Privacy Policy, do not provide any personal information without knowing who collects, why it does and how to use it. In any case, just give the credit card number when strictly necessary and trusted sites that have a secure communication system.

Terms of returns vary by store, and they need to know consultarlar we can do in case of not being satisfied with the purchase.

Electronic commerce presents the same problems as other non-contact systems purchase (such as telephone or catalog shopping), in which the parties do not physically contact. Buyer needs to be assured on the quality and characteristics of the products you purchase, the seller guarantees payment and there must be an acceptable level of confidentiality in the communication between them.

The number of payment systems varies from one online store to another. The safest (not the easiest) way is COD, online payment only means of handling cash. Thus, the consumer will not have to pay anything until you have acquired it in his hands. You can also use the debit, used mostly in subscriptions, transfers or revenue, or different means of online payment like paypal and others, though, the most used by far is to pay online by credit or debit cards , employed in over 80% of online transactions in Spain, in the Commission's Telecommunications Market.

When buying online with credit card, both validation and the effective realization of the payment are provided by the same system as in conventional trade. Once the card arrives seller, it sends it off the Internet in the same way that when paying by any 'physical' shop. Therefore, the critical point occurs when submitting the card number through a public network such as the Internet potentially unsafe.

To ensure confidentiality in data transfer in Internet security protocol, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which allowed the vast majority of browsers in use. This system ensures the identity of the seller, guarantee the integrity of the message and encrypts data with 128-bit encryption (it would take thousands of years the world's most powerful computer to decode the message), which ensures that if someone intercepts the They may not interpret it.
But this does not solve all problems, as anyone with access to a foreign card can pay online with it (ie, on the Internet there is no way we apply the DNI as a "normal" store). To remedy these limitations have been designed new safety standards also certify the authenticity of the card user. Banks have implemented the Secure Electronic Commerce, which adds a safety element using a key associated with the card only knows its owner. So, after typing the card number to buy online, request customer trade your personal code that identifies you as a legitimate user of the card, and in some cases this is done by a message to the cell phone by.